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Health Empowerment Tour

Inspiring healthy lifestyles

We believe in initiatives that address health equity for minority women. The Health Empowerment Tour recognizes that minority women, in particular, tend to take care of family first. Due to economic and cultural challenges - as well as lack of access to quality health services - disadvantaged women often go without essential preventive care.
The Health Empowerment Tour provides minority women with a safe, supportive setting in which to learn about their health and receive health screenings.

Since 2000, more than 80,000 minority women across three states have received potentially life-saving screenings. These include mammograms, blood pressure and cholesterol testing and screenings for depression. By encouraging positive lifestyle choices, we aim to prevent, control, and reverse chronic diseases - along with the stressors that serve as triggers.

Our model, and its focus on follow-up care management, has been recognized by the NCQA for innovation in multicultural health care. It's all about forming partnerships to expand community outreach, save costs and affect positive health outcomes.

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