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Better, Together - Health Outreach

Community Health Navigators

The new face of Medicaid managed care

AmeriHealth Caritas is a national leader in removing barriers to care for those in need and chronically ill populations. And we know that responding to their needs takes creativity and long-term commitment.

In collaboration with local health care providers, advocates and civic leaders, we have created breakthrough programs that are leading the way in Medicaid managed care innovation and health care reform.

From preventive screenings to community celebrations, AmeriHealth Caritas is all about mission and momentum. Discover how we help improve the lives of children and families through preventative care and better access to health care services and education.

We invite you to:

  • Join us in changing the cycle of poverty and poor health
  • Save lives and costs
  • Partner with us to meet your population's special needs
  • Discover our successful programs and how you can benefit
  • Rely on our passion to do what is right
  • Learn how our managed care innovation makes a difference

Hope starts here. Partner with us for healthy change.

For information about new business opportunities and strategic partnerships, contact:

Peter A. Jakuc
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Phone: 267-298-2490

Members and providers: Choose your health plan to learn how to contact us.