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Weight Loss for Healthy Lifestyles

My favorite part was the nutrition classes because I learned so much about the right foods to eat. At my last appointment, my doctor lowered my doses of diabetes and blood pressure medicines. If every community had a program like this, we could reverse a lot of health conditions that are draining our system."
- Dale, lost 28 pounds in 12 weeks with Lose to Win

Lose to Win

AmeriHealth Caritas' Lose to Win program, offered in collaboration with area YMCAs, is a 12-week series for members with Type 2 diabetes. Members who have difficulty managing their diabetes are invited to participate in the program. They have blood sugar screenings and other related tests performed at the beginning and end of the program.

The results are dramatic.

Through personalized wellness coaching, tailored exercise plans, nutrition workshops and cooking demonstrations, Lose to Win members learn about healthy choices and diabetes management. Upon program completion, they enjoy a graduation ceremony—and a sense of accomplishment. Participants also receive YMCA memberships to continue their healthy lifestyles.

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