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Women's Health Program

Mammograms and cervical cancer screenings

"Breast cancer runs in my family and I was 10 years overdue for a mammogram because I was petrified of getting bad results... Keystone First probably saved my life today."
- Miriam, member who received a Women's Health Program mammogram.

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer among women, and those in underserved areas have higher incidences of cancer-related deaths. Fear, lack of understanding or awareness, and other access to care issues preclude minority women, especially, from having regular mammograms.

AmeriHealth Caritas' Women's Health Program partners with local hospitals and mobile mammography vans to bring these vital screenings to convenient places like shopping centers and supermarkets. Women over age 40 who have never had a screening or who have gone without for more than two years are identified and assisted in scheduling an appointment.

Local care for at-risk members

The Women's Health Program also holds Pap screenings for cervical cancer in neighborhood locations, in collaboration with local providers. As with mammography, non-compliant members are contacted and incentivized to ensure they keep these critical appointments.

The Women's Health Program is just one of AmeriHealth Caritas' proven neighborhood-based health care initiatives. We go the extra mile to reach non-compliant, higher-risk populations with the goal of building healthier communities across the nation.