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Behavioral Health Care

Holistic care for members, providers, and suppliers

PerformCare® is our full-service behavioral health managed care company, serving members in the public and private sectors. Through it, AmeriHealth Caritas can provide innovative behavioral health solutions, services, and programs for:

  • Medicaid and Medicare plans.
  • Commercial health plans.
  • Wellness, employee assistance, and other specialty products.

With these high-quality products, our mission is to help people get care, stay well, and build healthy communities. We put members first by being:

  • Family and community oriented.
  • Focused on member recovery and resiliency.
  • Confidential and customizable to individual needs.

To see this care in action, view the three-part story of Robert, an AmeriHealth Caritas member who struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues. With our help, he was able to live a healthier life.

Part 1: Robert discusses the true scope of his problems, and takes the first steps toward treatment.

Part 2: Robert’s AmeriHealth Caritas case manager, Christie, provides him with the guidance he needs to make a plan and move forward.

Part 3: Robert thanks us for giving him what he needed, when he needed it, to help him get his friends, family, and life back.

While our focus is on members, we also pride ourselves on offering efficient, cost-effective solutions for providers, provider networks, suppliers, commercial partners, and government agencies. With our history and expertise, we’re an ideal choice for all of your behavioral health care needs.

PerformCare can make a healthy impact on families in your community. For information about new business opportunities and strategic partnerships, contact:

Peter A. Jakuc
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Phone: 267-298-2490

Members and providers: Get contact information for your health plan.