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Medicare Advantage and Medicare-Medicaid Plans

Special needs expertise

AmeriHealth Caritas, a leader in health care solutions for those most in need, provides special needs plans for people enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid ("dual eligible"):

  • Medicare Advantage HMO Special Needs Plans (SNP)
  • Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMP)

Given our years of service for—and on behalf of—Medicaid beneficiaries, we believe it's a natural fit to offer services for people who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare.

Our service areas include select counties in Pennsylvania, Michigan and South Carolina. By offering special needs plans for dual-eligible beneficiaries, AmeriHealth Caritas can help people get care, stay well and build healthy communities.

Why dual eligible?

Medicare-Medicaid enrollees are among the nation's most chronically ill and resource-intensive patients. Most dual-eligible beneficiaries receive their care in uncoordinated systems, which often results in poor quality of care and unnecessarily high costs.

Through our distinctive programs for dual-eligible beneficiaries, we continue our tradition of helping members stay healthy and building strong community ties by offering:

  • Proven, established care management
  • Preventive services
  • Other programs that effectively coordinate care for the aged, blind, and disabled
  • Supplemental benefits

Learn more about our plans: