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Cost Savings

$5.9 billion
saved in PA state and federal funds

Evidence-based, coordinated care models like ours are now a priority for state and federal policymakers. With AmeriHealth Caritas' expertise in preventive care and community-based services for at-risk populations, you can count on us to provide value.

It's a fact: Medicaid managed care saves money.

$3.5 billion
projected for PA through 2020

There are significant, demonstrated cost savings for states that contract with Medicaid health plans under a capitated system.

A 2011 report by the Lewin Group reveals how AmeriHealth Caritas health plans are among the managed care groups that have saved Pennsylvania as much as $5.9 billion in state and federal funds since 2000. What's more, these plans are projected to save the state another $3.5 billion through 2020.

View cost benefits in the full Lewin Group report.