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Health Equity

Our Health Equities Council ensures that culturally competent care is reflected in the vision, goals and mission of our company.

AmeriHealth Caritas is a nationally recognized leader in removing barriers to health care for those most in need. Our goal is to deliver care that honors the uniqueness of each member and directly benefits the communities we serve.

Community outreach

Through community outreach, we work with local groups to address social issues that affect health care outcomes. These include homelessness, domestic violence, unemployment and education.

CLAS services

AmeriHealth Caritas collaborates with providers to address the cultural, racial and linguistic disparities that can stand in the way of members getting care. We help providers reach their diverse patient groups with:

  • Free educational resources for office staff, including our provider toolkit
  • Free office signage and patient health materials in other languages
  • Discounted 24/7 access to telephonic and video interpretation services
  • Lists of local interpreters

Coordinating care

AmeriHealth Caritas addresses care gaps through our proven integrated care management (ICM) model.

AmeriHealth Caritas care managers help our members get the services they need to get better and stay healthy. They work with both members and providers to develop a treatment plan, solve problems and follow up on care delivery. For example, care managers call members regularly to:

  • Keep track of their health progress
  • Remind them of doctor appointments
  • Arrange for transportation to and from provider locations