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Lowering Premature Birth Rates

As an active partner with the March of Dimes, AmeriHealth Caritas works to lower preterm birth rates in the communities we serve.

Select Health of South Carolina has made a long-term commitment to the state's March of Dimes chapter as statewide sponsor of the Premature Birth Campaign. This sponsorship has facilitated research on the effectiveness of 17P, provided centering training for a number of the state's ob-gyn offices, and raised public awareness about South Carolina's infant mortality rates.

Learn about our Bright Start® program.

Early intervention: Healthy mom, healthy baby

When Keystone First contacted Aqueela, she was pregnant and at risk for preterm birth based on a history of preterm deliveries. Working with her Keystone First case manager and obstetrician, Aqueela decided to try a new prescription drug that reduces the likelihood of preterm birth. Her case manager also arranged for visiting nurses and referred Aqueela to a community organization for in-home, non-medical bed-rest support. The case manager also helped persuade Aqueela to move her family away from her abusive boyfriend. Months later, Aqueela delivered a full-term, healthy boy.

Keystone First's case manager provided guidance that helped Aqueela make better choices and get the care necessary for a healthy delivery. For the first time, Aqueela delivered a healthy baby, and, with regular check-ups, helped the child to thrive.