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Recruiting FAQ

Why does AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies use an all online application system?

AmeriHealth Caritas uses an online system to effectively manage the application and hiring process. We receive a large volume of applications each year and want to give every candidate the attention and consideration they deserve. Fill out the application online and your resume/application is immediately entered into our database. This makes it searchable by our recruiters.

If you highlight a position(s) of interest, your application is sent directly to the appropriate recruiter for review. This online database allows you to set up a personal profile that you can visit as often as you like to update information or apply to additional jobs.

How do I contact technical support?

If you are experiencing difficulties, please email

What employment opportunities are currently available at AmeriHealth Caritas?

To view our current employment opportunities nationwide, search our job postings.

How do I submit a resume?

Each job posting you view will have a button at the bottom that allows you to apply using our online response form. Fill in the required information; use the "Submit" button to send us your resume. Your resume will become part of our searchable database.

Please note: Submitting your resume more than once for the same position will not increase your chances of being contacted. We will contact you if your skills and qualifications match a position we are trying to fill.

Why do I have to submit my resume electronically?

We receive thousands of resumes at AmeriHealth Caritas each year. Resumes received through our online response form reach the database almost instantly, while paper submissions take much longer to process. You may miss the window of opportunity for an open position because of the processing delay.

What should I do if I don't have an email address?

You can create a free email address at many sites online such as or

What if I'm interested in a position not listed on the careers page? Can I submit a resume anyway?

The most successful strategy for getting your resume reviewed is to apply directly for each position that interests you.

I'd like to include a cover letter with my resume. How do I get it to the appropriate recruiter?

All resumes are received in a central database. It is not necessary to address a cover letter to a specific individual. If you would like to include a cover letter, paste it into the resume text field after the text of your resume or in the cover letter box provided.

Why am I prompted to fill out additional information when I apply for some jobs but not others?

If we have additional requirements for a specific position or need additional information from you, we will include these screening questions at the end of the "Submit Resume" page. These questions help us determine if you are a strong match for the position you are applying for.

In either case, your resume will become part of our searchable database of resumes. It may be considered for another position we are recruiting for.

How do I know if you received my resume via the online response form?

You will receive a confirmation message that confirms your resume has been successfully submitted. A follow-up email will also go to your email address to confirm your resume was received.

Will I be notified if the job is filled or if I make it to the next step in the interview process?

If you received the confirmation message after submitting your resume, you can be sure we received your resume. If your skills and qualifications closely match our needs, a recruiter will contact you.

Due to the high volume of application submissions we will only contact those candidates whose skills and qualifications most closely suit our needs.

How long do the job postings remain on the website?

A position stays listed on our website until it is filled.